A Fresh Start with New Year : to Give Yourself Positive Energy and Clarity

2023 is approaching, with a growing desire to take back control of our daily lives. We strive for the ideal life that we desire.

 planning life

Despite all of the upheavals, we haven’t given up hope at finding surprises and eventually settling into a life of stability.

Are you ready to kick off the new year?

Take a look back, reset and plan, here are some rituals that might help us reclaim our peace and welcome more beautiful things in the new year!     

spiritual decluttering with TAT


1)Cleanse Your Mind & Soul

Sift through your highs and lows and embrace yourself.

Thank those who have brought joy, warmth and contentment into your life. And slowly detach from relationships that draw unfavourable emotions out of you. 


tidy up your space with TAT


2)Freshen Up Your Space

Rid off the clutter, give away or dispose of unused items, and create a space that allows you to feel comfortable with.


燒一炷線香with TAT,讓過去的煩惱和焦慮隨白煙飄走


3)Lighten up an Incense, let go the troubles

Enjoy the scents in the air to heal your mind while channelling away anything that affects your inner peace. Light up incense to watch troubles gently loosen away with white smoke.


little bao in upcycling cotton crossbody sling


4)Get New Accessories

Get yourself a bag for work, a key holder as your everyday buddy, to designate something special for the coming days in the new year; something that brings comfort but also serves as an embodiment of everything you cherish now. 


It's grateful to announce that TAT collaborated with local handcrafted incense maker Breathe MEH on their exclusive winter scent incense sticks, perfect for healing and relaxing!

There are gift sets ranging from $200-$500 with little BAO’s sustainable cotton pouch. Best pick for gifts to your beloved one ( including yourself ), an amazing way to say hello to the New Year or a gift pick for Valentine’s Day!


Breathe MEH: 香港製造”冬日擁抱”手工線香體驗組 8支 / 16支


2 Sizes available: 10cm 8 sticks(S) 16 Sticks(L)



The smell is like the sun shining on the body in the cold winter


The aromatherapy essential oil added to the handmade incense has a healing effect on the body and mind
Can boost mood, soothe irritability, warm the body and warm the heart



 TAT X Breathe MEH “EMBRACE THE VIBE OF WINTER” Gift set ・Seasonal


Content of “EMBRACE THE VIBE OF WINTER” Gift set

➊  TAT: BAO - Mini Drawstring Crossbody ( Unisex, Selection of 4 colours)

➋  Breathe MEH: Handmade incense set ( Handmade in Hong Kong, Selection of 8 sticks (S) / 16 sticks (L) )

➌  Incense holder in Brass

☆  This procurement of eco-friendly materials for TAT's 'Upcycling' Project aims to rescue high-quality materials about to be discarded and give them new life in hopes of changing the distorted ecology caused by the overproduction of resources in the fashion industry.