Founder, director, designer and everything of TAT. A handbag lovers who believes life should be full of exquisite and enjoyment. Without any academic background of designs studies, Jacqueline is totally a free flow handbags designer.


Her journey began when she was in kindergarten. Spent her childhood in her father’s workshop, Jacqueline stayed almost every holiday in the small workshop, from roll playing with the leather trash to helping out her father with some simple work like gluing pieces together. Her knowledge of handbags nourish unconsciously day by day.


Her first handmade tote triggered by spotted a piece of nice pattern fabric that hardly found in the market, after that, she was totally fallen in love in making bags that fits her needs by adding all little details which convenience her living.


The ideas of forming TAT pop up when she was studying at The University of Westminster in London and her adventure in Europe. This journey brought her courage to form her own brand and express her thoughts and what she couldn’t able to find in the market: playful yet minimal, crafted but affordable designs. She found herself was feeling tired of waiting for someone else to design bags she desired and she might have ability to create her own label like other talents dose. Right then, she starts developing her brand once back to Hong Kong.