RESTOCK! The Best Seller is back.

Restock! The Best Seller is back.

workmate tote with attachable inner nylon zipper bag and leather zip pouch with strap
In 2020, the workmate tote launched with a good reaction and sold out in just a month! It's grateful to have all your love and make it the 2nd top seller in our online store ( the first always round backpack )!

Since then, It's been a long period of looking for qualified leather (tender hand feel but stiff enough for the bag shape design) because of our long-term Italian supplier closedown. We all miss the way the tote hugs the body and its lightness.

And finally, this year! The same good leather is sourced with the new range of colour selections!

Now our best-seller, your essentials - Workmate Tote is returned!

TAT Workmate Tote come back with more caring details in the same good leather and tender hand feel.

Workmate tot with smooth and quality leather hand feel and handcrafted with details


Spacious volume,

Free your hand and be ready as city hipsters whenever you need to carry your documents / laptop / iPad for meetings. 

spacious volume for storing document/laptop / iPad for meetings

This new versatile double-handle tote bag comes with an extra inner bag with divine colour options. Discover new Workmate Tote:


Workmate tote in tender leather and transferable shapes with detachable inner nylon bag and leather pouch with strap


A detachable zip wallet pouch best fit for your small essentials such as hand gel, tissue, alcohol spray. 

Organize your belongings with spacious rooms and caring-designed compartments. 

workmate tote with attachable inner nylon zipper bag and leather zip pouch with strap in different colours



Bag (Mouth) 24 – 28 cm / (bottom) 30.5 x 33(h) x 13 cm 

Shoulder strap middle height: 24cm 

Nylon Inner Bag: 30 x 24cm 

Leather Zip Pouch: 14 x 19 x 1cm 


4 colours available : 

Black, NudeBricks, Olive  


Designed in Hong Kong, Hand made in small workshops.

Timeless design with good leather.