Hexagon Multi-Ways Backpack in Bubble Skin
Hexagon Multi-Ways Backpack in Bubble Skin
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _olive_backpack back
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _olive_front
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _olive_back
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _olive_backpack front
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _olive_backpack back
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _olive_chest bag
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _olive_crossbody
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _olive_crossbody top
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _magnetic close up
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _magnetic close up back
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _embossed logo close up
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _top
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _hook close up
TAT_hexagon_tote_15025L _hook in bag mouth


Hexagon Multi-Ways Backpack in Bubble Skin

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Multipurpose bag made from Italian bubble lamb skin. With magnetic closure and detachable straps: feel free to wear with both, one or none of the straps. Amend the buckle to your desired fitting.


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  • Collection: WHY SO SERIOUS?
  • Material:
    Exterior: 100ļ¼… Italian bubble lamb leather
    Interior: 100% Cotton fabric
  • Gunmetal-tone hardware
  • Magnet closure
  • Multiway use (changes of 6+ looks) with 4 detachable shoulder belt:
    Backpack / Shoulder / Crossbody / Clutch / 3 shapes

Comes with a dust bag



45cm x456cm x 3cm

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