TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_black front
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_black back
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_olive front
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_olive back
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_red front
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_red back
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_white front
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_white back
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_white bottom
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_white inside card compartment
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_royal blue front
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_royal blue back
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_royal blue side
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_royal blue side open zipper mouth
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_royal blue inside card compartment
TAT_WHYSOSERIOUS_squarepurse_2285_royal blue top open zipper mouch

Multi Colour

Minimal Square Purse | TAT

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A modern silhouette with clever and compact design. Start your minimal live in giving yourself a simple but organized details. This practical coins bag features an exterior card slot pocket with textured cow leather. Zip closure keeps your dusty coins /and keys organized. 2 cotton utility pockets built inside.




  • Collection: WHY SO SERIOUS?
  • Material: Outer: 100% genuine leather
  • Silver tone hardware
  • Zip closure
  • Geometric shape with 1 outer card slot
  • Best fit for keys / coins / curios + card



Ships with dust bag



10 x 10 cm


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